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City of Palm Desert.
Black Mountain College: Experimenting With Power.
Vital Forms: American Art in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960.


Bottle,c. 1953

Black Mountain College: Experimenting With Power

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sophia in Madrid, Spain presented an exhibition of work by the artists, composers, dancers, musicians and writers who were active at Black Mountain College in North Carolina sometime between the years 1933 and 1956 when the school closed. Among the faculty at this innovative institution were Josef & Anni Albers, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Willem de Kooning, Lyonel Feininger, Buckminster Fuller, Walter Gropius, Karen Karnes, Franz Kline, Jacob Lawrence, Warren MacKenzie, Robert Motherwell, Charles Olson, M.C. Richards, Robert Turner, Jack Tworkov and Peter Voulkos. Visual works were supplemented with audio & video recordings, musical scores, manuscripts and publications such as the journal, the Black Mountain Review produced by the college. Among the work included was the Bottle, pictured at left, by Peter Voulkos who taught a summer session in 1953.

This exhibition was curated by Vincent Katz who was awarded a fellowship for literature from the Academy in Rome in 2001. The show opened October 22, 2002 and was on display through January 2003. For more information about the museum and the exhibit, please visit the Reina Sophia website.

1990 plate
Plate, 1990

A Salute to Peter Voulkos

The gallery yoramgil organized an exhibition entitled A Salute to Peter Voulkos which opened November 16, 2002 at the gallery located in Beverly Hills, California. Comprised of works from private collections, this was a great opportunity to view some excellent examples of the range and breadth of Voulkos' art —from his early wheelthrown, classical ceramic forms made in the 1950s to his last and most recent body of work— the woodfired stoneware made in the nineties along with pieces in other media. The twenty-three and a half inch diameter plate pictured at left and King's Chamber, a monumental clay stack from 1992, pictured in the Portfolio section of this website were among the works on view. The show ran until December 15th.

For more information, please contact the gallery by telephone (310) 275-8130 or (800) 475-0979, by email or visit the gallery’s website.

Untitled Sculpture, circa 1955-1957

Vital Forms: American Art in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960

The Brooklyn Museum of Art organized a show entitled Vital Forms: American Art in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960 which opened October 12, 2001. After closing on January 6, 2002, it subsequently traveled to the the Walker Art Center, February 16 -May 12, 2002; the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, June 21 -September 15, 2002, the San Diego Museum of Art, October 26, 2002 -January 26, 2003 and to the Phoenix Art Museum, April 4 -June 29, 2003. Voulkos was represented in the exhibit with an early Untitled Sculpture (formerly referred to as Hobgoblin) pictured at left which is now in the Marer Collection of Contemporary Ceramics at Scripps College in Claremont, California. A catalogue/book, Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960, with essays by Paul Boyer, Brooke Kamin Rapaport, Martin Filler, Mildred Friedman and Karal Ann Marling and reproductions of the work in the exhibition is available.

Bucci S21, 2000

EL Paseo Sculpture Exhibition 2001

The City of Palm Desert, located in Riverside County in Southern California, mounted an exhibition of Peter Voulkos’ bronzes in an out-of-doors “museum without walls” installation along the El Paseo. Initiated in 1986, this is a civic arts program that is part of the city's Art in Public Places Program. The exhibition was comprised of Voulkos’ recent, large bronzes ranging from 40 to 76 inches in height, which were cast by Mussi Artworks Foundry in Berkeley from his ceramic stacks and sculpture. In addition to Bucci S21,pictured at left, the bronze works shown included Alegria S11, Amaya S10, Anasazi S13, Big Ed S4, Big Missoula S6, Chaco S16, Key West S15, Mimbres S17, Sevillanas SC1, Siguirilla S14,and Wedge S12. Opening last January, the exhibition was on display through November 2002.

Maps for self-guided tours were available at the Palm Desert City Hall and the Visitor Information Center. Please email them to find out more about the City of Palm Desert program.

Left: Voulkos’ bronze stack, Bucci, was one of twelve works in the EL Paseo Sculpture Exhibition 2001 at Palm Desert.






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