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Braunstein/Quay Gallery.
Frank Lloyd Gallery.
Art Foundry Gallery.
Poetics of Clay: An International Perspective.
Ceramic National 2000.
Acquisitions from A to Z.
Montana Winter Exhibition.
World Contemporary Ceramics.
Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics, 1950-2000.
Treasures for a Queen.
Great Teachers: Great Clay Legacies.
U.S.A. Clay.
Made in California: Art, Image & Identity.


Braunstein/Quay Gallery

Photo: Sam Jornlin

Solo Show at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery

Peter Voulkos: New Work opened May 1st at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery, in San Francisco. This thirteenth solo exhibition of Voulkos’ work at the gallery was comprised of six stacks, ten plates, four tea bowls and an ice bucket. The bucket and one of the stacks, Anaszai, are the largest Voulkos has made of these signature pieces. Pictured in the installation photo above are three of his ceramic stacks called, from left to right, Key West, Isis,and  Pequest. Slideshows of the stacks are featured in the Portfolio section of this website. Take an online tour of the installation.

The exhibition was up through June 2, 2001. The gallery is in the SOMA District at 430 Clementina which is located between Folsom and Howard streets and between 5th and 6th streets. Please contact the gallery by email or telephone (510) 278-9850 for more information.

Voulkos Bronze
Frank Lloyd Gallery

and Anthony Cuñha

Solo Show at the Frank Lloyd Gallery

The Frank Lloyd Gallery, located in the Bergamot StatIon Arts Centre in Santa Monica, showed Voulkos’ works in bronze in the spring. Among them were stacks cast since 1999 including Wedge, S12, and Anaszai, S13, pictured on the announcement above along with Sevillanas, center, originally made in 1959 and recently cast in bronze. The show also included several plates, ice buckets and a few early works from the 1960s also in bronze along with new prints on paper. Voulkos’ bronzes are featured in the Portfolio bronzes section of this website. Take an online tour of the installation.

The exhibition was up March 24 through April 28, 2001. Please email or call the gallery at (310) 264-3866 for more information.

Molestar S24, 2001
Photo: Sam Jornlin

Peter Voulkos & Greg Kondos

The Art Foundry Gallery in Sacramento, California hosted a two-person show featuring paintings and prints by Greg Kondos and bronzes, ceramics and prints by Peter Voulkos in October, 2001. The Art Foundry Gallery, owned and operated by Alan Osborne for over twenty years, is comprised of both a gallery and a foundry. Among the Voulkos works on display were several large bronzes recently cast by the foundry from his ceramic stacks including this fifty four inch tall bronze stack, Molestar S24 pictured at left, and bronzes cast from his ceramic stacks entitled Penryn, and Pequest. In addition new bronzes cast from Voulkos' ice bucket entitled Gaudi, his stacks Amaya, Big Missoula, Anasazi, Big A and Mimbres; ceramic plates and tea bowls, both wood fired in John Balistreri's anagama and soda fired in the Anderson Ranch kilns; and numerous drypoint etchings made at Robert Brinker's MA Nose Studios Press in Aspen were on view.

The show opened October 11th and closed November 8, 2001. The gallery is located at 1021 R Street (near 10th) in the heart of the city and near the State Capitol. Please contact the gallery by email, by fax, 916-444-0299 or by telephone, 916-444-2787 for more information about the exhibition. For information pertaining to the foundry, please telephone, 916-444-2781, or fax, 916-444-7787.

Montoya, 1995.


Poetics of Clay: An International Perspective

Poetics of Clay: An International Perspective, an exhibition of works by 117 artists from 17 countries was mounted at the Philadelphia Art Alliance the 14th of September. This exhibit, initiated by the Philadelphia Art Alliance, was guest curated by Helen W. Drutt English who is, in addition, preparing a scholarly publication documenting ceramic work since 1945 from an international perspective which will be published by Thames and Hudson. This exhibition was up until November 11, 2001 and subsequently traveled to the Museum of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland, where it was on display from January 25 to April 1, 2002.

Voulkos was represented in the exhibit with two works, a 1977 gas fired thirty-one inch tall Vessel form and Montoya, his 45 inch tall wood fired stack, made in 1995 and pictured at left.

Please visit the website of the Philadelphia Art Alliance or contact the Helen Drutt Gallery for more information.

Ceramic National 2000

The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York organized the 30th in its series of ceramic national exhibitions which began in 1932. It opened at the Everson October 6, 2000 and was on view until February 11, 2001. It subsequently traveled to the Samuel P. Harn Museum in Gainesville, Florida, May 27-November 18, 2001; the Chicago Cultural Center, January 12- March 17, 2002 and the Crocker Art Museum, April 9-June 23, 2002. Accompanied by a color catalogue of the artists’ works, senior curator, Thomas Piche, Jr. and Dr. Justin Clemens contributed essays. The Everson website is

Untitled Ice Bucket, 1998


Acquisitions from A to Z

The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art displayed gifts to the museum collection since 1998 and recent acquisitions in an exhibit entitled Acquisitions from A to Z which opened October 4, 2001. The museum is located in New York at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. The exhibition was on display through February 28, 2002. Voulkos’ ice bucket, pictured at left, and gifted to the museum represents the letter "V" in the alphabetic title of the show. Please visit the museum website for more information.

Untitled Plate, 2001

Montana Winter Exhibition

Botanica Fine Art in Bozeman, Montana presented a group show entitled the Montana Winter Exhibition from December 7, 2001 through March 6, 2002 comprised of works by John Buck, Deborah Butterfield, Clarice Dreyer, Steve Kelly, Peter Voulkos and Theodore Wadell. Located in an historic brick building, formerly a brewery, in downtown Bozeman, Botanica specializes in showing contemporary paintings, prints and sculpture by artists of the northern Rockies region of the U.S. The ceramic plate pictured left was included in the exhibition along with several of Voulkos' prints and bronzes. For more information regarding this exhibit, please contact Clarice Dreyer, Katie Dreyer or Steve Kelly at Botanica Fine Art.

 Penryn, 2000.

World Contemporary Ceramics

World Contemporary Ceramics, an exhibition, which was one of many events sponsored by the World Ceramics Exposition 2001 in Korea, was on display at the Ichon World Ceramic Center in the city of Ichon in Kyonggi Province. Curated by Sang-Ho Shin, Dean of the College of Art at Hong Ik University in Seoul, the exhibition opened August 10 and was on view through October 28, 2001. This International Ceramic Exposition in Korea also hosted other exhibitions along with workshops and symposiums. Two Voulkos ceramics pieces were in the exhibit including his ceramic stack, Penryn, pictured at left, and a woodfired Ice Bucket.
A catalogue with all colorplates of the works in the show and texts by Chang-Yuel Lim, Jong-Min Kim, Sangho Shin and James Melchert was published to accompany the exhibition. Please contact the World Ceramic Exposition for more information.

Big Missoula, 1995


Color and Fire: Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics, 1950-2000

Opening June 4, 2000, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art presented a show of ceramic works from the last half of the 20th century drawn from the museum's collection. Curated by Jo Lauria, assistant curator of decorative arts, several works by Voulkos are in this show including his 1995 woodfired stack pictured at left, Big Missoula, his 1958 sculpture entitled 5,000 Feet, a large Standing Jar, circa 1954-55, and a plate from his 1978 series of gasfired plates. Voulkos received both a prize and a purchase award for 5,000 Feet from jurors, sculptor David Smith, painter Elmer Bischoff and art critic Kenneth B. Sawyer in the “1959 Annual Exhibition of Artists of Los Angeles and Vicinity.”

The show was up at LACMA until September 17, 2000 and traveled to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri, December 15, 2000-March 4, 2001; the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block, April 1-May 30, 2001, and to the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, New York, July 29-October 7, 2001. A 252 page, profusely illustrated catalogue of the exhibition is available. For more information, contact the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Treasures for a Queen: A Millennium Gift to Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Art Museum exhibited recent acquistions to their collection during the summer in a show called Treasures for a Queen: A Millennium Gift to Cincinnati. Included were a recently donated ceramic plate made by Voulkos in 1973. The exhibition was on display from June 17 to September 2, 2001. Please contact the Cincinnati Art Museum for more information.

Voulkos tea bowl, 1993.


Great Teachers: Great Clay Legacies

W.D.O. a Contemporary Craft Gallery, on the occasion of the NCECA conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2001, presented a show of ceramic works, Great Teachers: Great Clay Legacies drawn from artists in the field of education including Robert Turner, Toshiko Takaezu, Paul Soldner, Sandy Simon, Bob Brady, Don Reitz, Ron Meyers, Karen Karnes, Chuck Hindes, Wayne Higby, Richard Devore, Robert Brady, John Balistreri, Rudy Autio, Robert Archambeau, Dan Anderson and Voulkos.

Opening March 1, 2001, it was up until the end of the month. Please contact the gallery website for more information about the exhibit and the activities scheduled during the conference.

 Camelback Mountain,1959


U.S.A. Clay

The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC presented U.S.A. Clay, a show of works from the collection from March 9th through July 15th. Among the Voulkos works in the Renwick collection is his Rocking Pot. Contact the Renwick for more information.
Made in California: Art, Image, & Identity, 1900-2000

An exhibition entitled Made In California: Art, Image, & Identity, 1900-2000, organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, opened in the late fall, 2000. This show featured over 500 works in many media. Voulkos was represented with his 1959 clay sculpture Camelback Mountain, pictured at left. The dates for the venue were October 22, 2000 through February 25, 2001. To accompany the show, a 351-page profusely-illustrated catalogue/book by the same name was published by LACMA and the University of California Press with essays by Stephanie Barron, Sheri Bernstein, Michael Dear, Howard N. Fox and Richard Rodriguez. More information can be found about this exhibit on the LACMA website.






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