WELCOME to Voulkos & Co. …this website will be devoted to information about Peter Voulkos… focusing on seeking his works for the purpose of documenting them, citing current and future exhibitions, museum collections and other data related to his oeuvre.
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PORTFOLIO is a selection of Voulkos artworks: ceramic stacks, ice buckets, plates and tea bowls; prints; paintings and bronzes.
BIOGRAPHY is a record of past exhibitions, bibliography and public collections accompanied by pictures of some exhibition announcements and monographs.
QUEST features some LOST Voulkos works for which the disposition is unknown and being sought, pieces which are known or FOUND and have been documented and information about the catalogue project.
NEWSLETTER encapsulates recent workshops, current and recent exhibitions, publications, gallery affiliations and other online resources regarding Voulkos work.
INFO is information about this site, credits, copyrights, e-mail  information and a short message from Pete. The contents of this site, including all images, photos and text, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form or transmitted without the permission of the copyright holders.


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