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Captions for the images used on the Introduction page are as follows:
From left to right and top to bottom-
Nemo,a 1997 woodfired stack. Photo:
Super Plate, back view, 1980, woodfired stoneware. Photo:
This plate is featured also on the entry and splash pages.
Vase, circa early 50s. Photographer unknown.
Photo of Peter Voulkos, circa 1984, by Jim Leedy.
Picture of silhouetted ice bucket by Sam Jornlin based on a drawing by Voulkos.
Plate, circa 1973, gasfired stoneware. Photographer unknown.
Ice Bucket, 1997, woodfired atoneware, Photo:
Detail of an announcement poster from Voulkos' solo show at the Foster White Gallery, Seattle, 1979. Photographer unknown.
The three exhibition announcements pictured in the Biography section were designed by Peter Voulkos. Images of additional miscellaneous exhibition announcements, workshops, posters and publications are illustrated on the other pages in the biography section.
Photos of the works in the Portfolio section are by Schopplein Studio, Hiromu Narita, Noel Allum or Sam Jornlin.
Altered photo of Voulkos on the page titled “Voulkos in Jest” by Sam Jornlin.
Photo credits and image sources not cited here are in the captions accompanying the images or referenced in the text.
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