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a selection of lost works a selection of found works a selection of lost works      Lost
a selection of lost works a selection of lost works a selection of lost works

    Aka location unknown . . .

dot Quest is divided into two sections; LOST is comprised of known works by Peter Voulkos for which the whereabouts are unknown and FOUND features pieces for which the disposition is currently known along with information about them. Each section can be accessed from this page by clicking the words LOST or FOUND above right and each section is linked directly to the other. The images pictured above are examples of works some of which are "lost" and some of which are documented.
Peter Voulkos was a prodigious artist for over 52 years. With his endorsement, I am seeking the whereabouts of his work for the purpose of cataloguing it and am undertaking this research in order to document the following works that he created:

•  the functional pottery of the Archie Bray Foundation years
•  the early paintings
•  the sculptural ceramics of the 1950’s and early 60’s
•  the 60’s and 70’s bronze sculptures
•  the colorful clay works from the early 60’s
•  the late 1960’s blackware works
•  the gasfired bowls, plates and vessels of the 1970’s
•  the prints made intermittently throughout his career
•  the woodfired ceramics from 1979 to 2001
Cataloguing projects such as this are often referred to as a catalogue raisonné because it serves as an historical record of the body of work an artist created during his lifetime. Anyone having information concerning the whereabouts of his work -lost and little known along with known works, is invited to contact:

Sam Jornlin at Voulkos & Co., P.O. Box 11974, Berkeley, CA 94712, USA

Among the data being sought are pictures and descriptions of the artwork and information regarding the year it was made, whether and how it is signed and dated, the location of the signature, the medium and the dimensions of the work. The provenance or history of ownership, any exhibitions in which the piece has been shown and any literature in which it has been reproduced or referenced are also important as well as any other relevant facts. Thank you for your assistance.


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