Pictures at an Exhibition:

Peter Voulkos' Exhibit at the
Frank Lloyd Gallery, Santa Monica, California
November 6-December 30, 1999


Voulkos plate in entrance case.


Voulkos' bronze
sculpture, “Sevillanas”


Voulkos' stack, “Bowling Green,” on the left and woodfired plates on the right.



Voulkos prints on the left and his stack called “Omaha” on the right.



From left to right: Two Voulkos ice buckets & his stacks called “Siguirilla” and “Amaya”




Peter Voulkos, left, signing catalogues and posters at the opening reception. Gallery owner, Frank Lloyd is on the right.
Photos: Sam Jornlin

“Slide shows” of “Sevillanas,” “Siguirilla,” “Amaya” and “Bowling Green” have been added to the Portfolio section along with individual pictures of some of the plates, tea bowls and an ice bucket that were in the show.

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