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Woodstoke 2001: A Clay Oddity

The Penryn Workshop presented Rudy Autio, John Balistreri, Rodney Mott, Paul Soldner and Peter Voulkos in Woodstoke 2001: A Clay Oddity in Penryn, California in the summer. Penryn is located near Auburn between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. The workshop included slide presentations and demonstrations along with the first firing of their new multi-chambered wood kiln, “Big Mama.” In addition, this year the Industrial Minerals Company sponsored Camp Clay in order to allow participants to create their own clayworks. Dates for the workshop were June 8-12, 2001.

Please contact the Penryn Workshop by email, visit their website or telephone 916-663-2815 for more information.

Photo at left:
Peter Voulkos putting the art on a ceramic plate at the Penryn workshop in 2000.


2001: Clay Odyssey: Celebrating 50 Years of the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Archie Bray Foundation, a series of events were organized to celebrate this milestone including demonstrations, presentations and panel discussions, exhibitions, tours of Helena Artist studios, the Archie Bray Grounds and Resident Artist Studios. An exhibition entitled,  “A Ceramic Continuum: 50 Years of the Archie Bray Influence” was mounted at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana. A 250-page color catalogue documenting the Archie Bray Foundation was published in conjunction with the event. Dates for the celebration were June 21-23, 2001.

Please contact the Archie Bray Foundation by email, by telephone 406-443-3502 or via their website for more information.

Pictured from left to right in the photo above left:
Janet Mansfield, Rudy Autio, Paul Soldner, Don Reitz, John Balistreri, Peter Voulkos and Anthony Gill at Woodstoke 2000.
Peter Callas Studio 2001

Peter Voulkos was at the Peter Callas Studio for two weekends in July giving slide lectures and demonstrations. He was paired with Paul Soldner and Ryoji Koie on the 7th & 8th and with Kurt Weiser and Don Reitz on the 14th & 15th. Converted from an 18th C. Moravian barn, the studio is situated along the Pequest River in Belvidere in the northwestern corner of New Jersey near the Delaware Water Gap.

Please contact the Peter Callas Studio by email, telephone 908-475-8907, fax 908-475-8956 or visit the studio website for more information.

Photo at left:
Peter Voulkos with a nearly finished greenware stack made at a workshop in the Department of Art, Art History and Design of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana held the winter of 2001.


World Ceramic Exposition 2001

The World Ceramic Exposition 2001, an international cultural festival for the new millennium was held from August 10th to October 28th, 2001 in the cities of Ichon, Yoju and Kwangju in Kyonggi Province in Korea. Peter Voulkos participated in a workshop there starting August 8th. In addition, two of his ceramic works were included in one of the exhibitions organized for the exposition and sponsored by the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Kyonggi Provincial Government. Among the patrons for this event were NCECA, the National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts; ACerS, the American Ceramic Society; and IAC, the International Academy of Ceramics.

Please contact the World Ceramic Exposition website for more information.

Photo at left:
Voulkos carving into the still-malleable clay wall in the process of creating one of his stacks. Assisting him are Thom Collins, left, and John Balistreri.


A Lifetime in Clay 2001

Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner presented their last Lifetime in Clay workshop together in the summer at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado. Dates for the event were August 27 through the 31st, 2001.

For more information about this and the many other workshops and programs offered at the Ranch, please visit their website, telephone them at 970-923-3181 or fax them at 970-923-3871.

Photo at left:
Paul Soldner, left, and Voulkos in 2000.



Woodstoke 2000

Peter Voulkos along with Rudy Autio, Janet Mansfield, Don Reitz and Paul Soldner participated during the summer in Woodstoke 2000 held in Penryn, California. Penryn is located near Auburn between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. The workshop included slide presentations and demonstrations along with a woodfiring. Dates for the workshop were June 11-17, 2000.

Please contact the Penryn Workshop by email or telephone 916-663-2815 for more information.

Photo at left:
Peter Voulkos, left, and Rudy Autio


Peter Callas Studio 2000

Voulkos also demonstrated and lectured at the Peter Callas Studio located in Belvidere, New Jersey as he has done for many years. With him were Rudy Autio and Don Reitz. Belvidere is in the northwestern corner of the state. This workshop was July 8-9, 2000.

Please contact the Callas Studio by email or   telephone 908-475-8907 or fax 908-475-8956 for more information.

Photo at left:
Peter Callas, behind the wheel, and Voulkos positioning the neck on one of Voulkos’ stacks in Callas' studio at a past workshop.


A Lifetime In Clay 2000

Once again Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner, pictured at left, hosted a workshop entitled A Lifetime of Clay at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, Colorado. One of many workshops in clay offered that summer from June 5th through the first of September by ceramists Andrea Gill, Irma Starr, Chuck Hindes and Ron Meyers among others, the Soldner and Voulkos workshop was August 28 to September 1. Snowmass Village is located near Aspen in the Colorado Rockies.

Please contact the Anderson Ranch Arts Center by telephone 970-923-3181 or by fax 970-923-3871.


WORKSHOPS IN 1999 & 1998

Colorado and New Jersey

Peter Voulkos participated in half a dozen workshops in 1999 as well as returning in 1998 to Colorado and New Jersey for workshops. At Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, Colorado, he and Paul Soldner conducted a workshop entitled A Lifetime in Clay in September. Voulkos made his 1999 stacks called “Alhambra” and “Siguirilla” there and at the Peter Callas Workshops in Belvidere, New Jersey in July/August. Callas fired both these stacks in his eighteen foot-long single-chambered woodburning kiln called an anagama. More information about his kiln and a picture of the anagama firebox is in the archives. Also at the Callas Workshops this past summer, Australian ceramicist Janet Mansfield was among the artists who conducted demonstrations.

Photo at left:
Voulkos steps back to to study an unfinished stack begun during the course of a demonstration at a workshop in 1998 at Peter Callas' Belvidere studio. Photo courtesy of Peter Callas.



The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska sponsored three days of workshops, barbeques and musical performances over the 1999 Memorial Day weekend. Along with a workshop by Voulkos, Terry Allen and his Panhandle Mystery Band performed in concert and Jo Harvey Allen staged “Homerun,” one of her one-woman theatre productions. Slide presentations, videos and lectures were also offered by John Balistreri, Eddy Domingus, Douglas Kent Hall, David Kuraoka, Anton Reijnders, Conrad Snider and Netty Van Den Heuvel.

After the festivities, Voulkos remained in Omaha to work in the Jun Kaneko Studio where he finished the stack he began at the Bemis workshop and built two more large stacks. Two of these were subsequently trucked to Bowling Green, Ohio where they were fired by John Balistreri in his anagama.

Photo at left:
John Balistreri, assisting Voulkos with the construction of his work, places the “neck” on top of a stack while Voulkos checks out the position. This stack, now called “Amaya,” was on view in Voulkos' show at the Frank Lloyd Gallery in Santa Monica last December, 1999.



Photo at left:
The third Voulkos stack is being unloaded from Jun Kaneko's kiln after the bisque firing. Kaneko, center, and assistants, Peter Scherr, left, and Jason Hackett on the right prepare to hoist the stack up via a crane and a system of pulleys. Barely visible behind the stack is a third assistant, Ryan Horvath. At eighty inches in height, this is the largest of the stacks.

The interior of Kaneko's enormous kiln measures 8 feet in height, 7 in width and is 9 feet deep. It is a sprung arch car kiln fired with gas. The floor of the kiln is mounted on a track which rolls out faciltating loading and unloading of work and allowing the capabilty of firing very large ceramic pieces. Photo at left and information courtesy of Susan Schonlau.



Organized by Professor of Ceramics, Bede Clarke, the art department of the University of Missouri at Columbia hosted a Voulkos workshop and symposium featuring Rudy Autio and Jun Kaneko along with Voulkos in April 1999. Additional sponsers for this event were the First National Bank at Columbia, Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art and MUCK (the Missouri University Clay Klub).

In the photo at left, Voulkos gets some “hands on” help as he contemplates his forty-two-inch tall stack made in Columbia and called “Schoenberg.”

The Penryn Workshop in California presented “Peter, Paul and Kathy,” demonstrations by Kathy Koop, Paul Soldner and Voulkos in June, 1999.



In March, Voulkos and Jun Kaneko were invited by Assistant Professor John Balistreri to conduct a workshop at his school, Bowling Green State University in Ohio. As well as making his signature plates, Voulkos built a stack called “Bowling Green”. These were fired in an anagama that Balistreri built in 1996. This kiln is seventeen feet-long and almost six feet high, is fired about six or seven times a year and takes about five days to fire. Balistreri had previously fired some of Voulkos' works, among them “Yellowstone Saga” in 1990 and “Tsunami” in 1994 in his anagama, built in 1987 in Denver, Colorado. The Denver kiln measures thirty feet in length and almost six feet in height.

Photo at left:
Students watch as Voulkos puts the finishing touches on one of his plates made at a demonstration in Bowling Green.



Mussi Artworks Foundry

Voulkos has had molds taken by Mussi Artworks Foundry of several more of his ceramic stacks which will be cast in bronze. Among the works selected were Amaya, Alegria and Wedge. The first of these has just been completed. In the photo on the left, Daniel Romo from the foundry is finishing the patination on Amaya. Jud Bergeron had also worked on this patina. Patination is the process of applying color to the bronze through the use of chemicals such as Ferric Nitrate, Cupric Nitrate and Sulphurated Potash. Subsequently a thin coat of wax is applied to enhance and preserve the finish.

Mussi Artworks Foundry specializes in bronze casting using advanced lost wax technology, silicone rubber molds, a ceramic shell system and silicon bronze ingots. The foundry, located in Berkeley, California, was started by Piero Mussi in 1977 and Voulkos has been working with him since 1986.

Photo at left:
Daniel Romo working on the patina of Voulkos’ newest bronze stack.



In September 1999, the Friends of Contemporary Ceramics toured the studios of Voulkos, Jody Gillerman & Rob Terry, Tom Holland, Clay Jensen and Marilyn Levine -collectively called, along with several other studios in the building, the “Dome”. The Friends also took in the closing reception for his show of bronzes at Mussi Artworks Foundry in Berkeley.

Photo at left:
Voulkos signs catalogues of his bronzes at the Mussi Artworks Foundry closing for some young admirers. Photo: Courtesy of Rose Mussi.

More information about Voulkos’ printmaking and foundry activity is in the first edition of the newsletter which can be found in the archives.



Voulkos received a number of awards in 1998. He was honored both by the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri in May and by Alfred University in New York in October with honorary Doctors of Fine Arts degrees. He was also awarded the Charles Fergus Binns Medal by the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred.

Photo at left:
Voulkos accepting the Doctor of Fine Arts degree, honors causa, at Alfred University, New York.

Our website,, also received an honor. It was featured as an editor's choice website by in October 1999.

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