Peter Voulkos gave
workshops at Anderson
Ranch in Colorado and
Peter Callas' Studio in
Belvidere, New Jersey
with Paul Soldner and
Rudy Autio in the summer
of 1997. In November, he
and Callas conducted a
workshop & lecture at the
University of Central
Florida in Orlando.
Pictured at right,
Pete is working on
an ice bucket at
Anderson Ranch.

In Chicago, Perimeter
Gallery hosted a solo
exhibition from mid-
October through mid-
November of Voulkos'
new ceramic stacks,
plates, ice buckets
and teabowls; prints
and monotypes as well
as several paintings
from the early 1960s
and new bronze dolls. A
1995 woodfired stack,
Yakiimo, was featured
on the announcement
reproduced at right.
Take a tour of the
via snapshots
Voulkos took of the
installation. He also
participated in a 2 man
show with Peter Callas
hosted by the University
of Central Florida Art
Gallery and the U.C.F.
Potters' Guild from
November 10th to
December 6th.

 Above: Yakiimo, 1995,
 woodfired stoneware,
 42" H x 19" D, CR1122-W.
 Photo: Hiromu Narita


Left: Line Stack Monotype, 1997,
unique drypoint,
image: 9" H x 6" W,

The drypoint illustrated on the left was also in the show at Perimeter. This is one of many prints Voulkos has been making at Anderson Ranch with printer, Robert Brinker of Ma Nose Studios, Inc, Aspen. To see more of them, go to Brinker's site at www.pamopoly.com.


Since 1984, Voulkos
has been making
prints, such as the
monotype at right,
at Magnolia Editions,
the Oakland press
owned by Donald
Farnsworth and
David Kimball. It
was exhibited at
Voulkos' solo show
at Braunstein/Quay
Gallery in San
Francisco in

 Above: Untitled, 1995, 43/45,
 extended version, CR277.6-Pr.
 image: 17-7/8" H x 14-3/4" W.
 Photo: Schopplein Studio





Pictured above is a view of the firebox just after a 1993 firing
of Peter Callas' 18 foot long anagama located in Belvidere, New
Jersey. Most of the accumulated ash from the firing has been
removed. Two Voulkos stacks, Tarrega and Sibley, lie on their
sides while two plates sit vertically against the sides of the
kiln and a third is positioned between the stacks. Anagama is
the Japanese word for a single chambered kiln. The firing is
done entirely with wood over 7-10 days firing time followed
by an equally long cooling period. Voulkos' woodfired work is
fired primarily in this kiln by Peter Callas who has been firing
Voulkos' work since 1979. Photo: Bruce Riggs


Voulkos was honored by four organizations in the past year. The Friends of Contemporary Ceramics gave him a Ceramic Lifetime Achievement of the Year Award for 1997 in March. The National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts presented him with the NCECA Award for Teaching Excellence in April. The College Art Association honored him with a Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement and the james renwick alliance selected voulkos as one of five to receive a masters of the medium award. for more information, go to the James Renwick Alliance site which also features artworks by the recipients. Voulkos works pictured are Little Big Horn, 1959, Big Jupiter, 1994 and Sirius, 1989-1991.


In 1986 Voulkos
began casting some of his work originally created in clay into the bronze medium at
Piero Mussi's
Artworks Foundry
in Berkeley. Big Ed, a 1994 ceramic stack, was the source for the bronze stack pictured at right.


Above: Untitled Stack, 1995, cast bronze,
S4-AP, 40" H x 27" x 28-1/2"
Photo: Schopplein Studio


Peter Voulkos is represented by the following galleries:

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Perimeter Gallery
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e-mail: sherryleedy@sherryleedy.com



Listed below is a selection of other web sites with online sources for articles relating to or reviews of Voulkos' work and several museums which have published portions of the artwork in their collections including the following works by Voulkos. The first listing is a review of the survey exhibition, “The Art of Peter Voulkos,” organized by the Oakland Museum of California in 1995 which travelled to the Newport Harbor Art Museum and the American Craft Museum. This article is very informative and interesting.

PETER VOULKOS” by Roberta Carasso in ArtScene; The Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Southern California. This review is of the Oakland Museum show at its next venue -the Newport Harbor Art Museum in Orange County. Passing Red, 1959, Little Big Horn, 1959 (another view), Untitled Plate, 1980, and Untitled Ice Bucket, 1983, are illustrated.

A FISTFUL OF CATALOGUES” by Merle Schipper in ArtScene; The Guide to Art Galleries and Museums in Southern California.A 1962 Untitled Plate is reproduced.

Firing Peter H. Voulkos' Work in the Anagama: At the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, 1995, By Peter Callas,” an article written by Darren Damonte, is a good description of the nuances of the anagama and Callas' firing techniques in particular.

At the site of the “Rudy Autio Contemporary Ceramic Collection” at the University of Montana, Voulkos' Covered Jar, 1954, Tureen, 1954, and an anagama fired stoneware plate, 1995, (CR1192-W) are reproduced.

The Public Art at the University of California”, Los Angeles site has two views of Gallas Rock, 1960, and one of Soleares, 1958, online. These sculptures are in the collection of the Franklin Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA.

A 1956 Tall Covered Jar is pictured in the “American Ceramics” section of the Everson Museum of Art collection.

Shiho Kanzaki has featured on his web site in a section called “Peter H. Voulkos” some of Voulkos' more recent woodfired pieces including Yakiimo, 1995 (another view), Big A, 1990, Jabo, 1994, and three 1995 plates.

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